Beach clean up- Playa El Yankee  
           December 2005
After months of harsh hurricane conditions, the Pacific
coast of Nicaragua was covered with plastic and rubber
debris washed up on the beaches.

If we don't clean it up, who will?
If we don't do it now, when?

Simple questions, easy solutions.
Just recruit some local help, reward them with Pizza a ride
to the beach  and look what happens!

Local surf kids and adventurous travelers drawn by a
mutual admiration of our oceans combine forces to solve
the problem.

On behalf of the Nica Dev Fund and our planet,
Muchisimas Grcias!   
Eric and Stephanie
Chicago, Ill.

On a year long travel through Central America to
climb volcanoes and surf the many beaches, these
two international heroes took precious time out of
their days to help clean up the beach.

They had kind hearts and shared secrets of music,
film and alternative technologies.

Thanks guys, travel safe and keep in touch!
Giovanni Sanchez

My local surf buddy and life long friend.
What a heart
this kid has. He is the future of Nicaragua.
Never was asked to helped, just picked up a
bag and pitched in.
Va pues mi amigo!
Before and during...
Local surf kids with a bright future. These kids get it
You can play a part in
this too! Just $50.00
could clean an entire
The reward we had at the end of the 3 day
experience was well worth the effort!
The final count...Over 100 bags of junk.
                (5 truck loads)