Our Mission

The Nica Dev Fund was founded to bring help to those who need
it most.
Our intent is to better the quality of life for the Nicaraguan
community where we work and live.

We encourage participation of the community as opposed to
simply paying for these improvements. In this way we are helping
them to help themselves.

The concept

The fund is managed by us and we welcome other local involvement
either by land owners or outside interested parties.

We solicit ideas form the communities for use of the funds as well as
those which the homeowners association feels are necessary with the
Board of Directors ultimately determining which projects the fund
will support.

At all times, this fund will remain in the control of the Board of
Directors, not the local government or any other self interest party.
This is to insure the money gets directly to those who need it most.
Initial funds are donated by
Nica Dev by sales from Las Fincas and
The Haciendas at Las Fincas. We do accept private and public

Please know that
100% goes to the people, no administrators or

How you can help

We encourage everyone who is coming down to bring some no
longer used
clothing, especially for children, stuffed animals travel well (especially
Beanie Babies!), old baseball gloves, balls, cleats, etc.

Don't have plans to visit soon? Donate some small amount;
together we will have a huge impact.

To learn more about just some of the Fund's
current projects, click a link below;

Recent events;

Reforestation project- 90,000 trees since 2005!

Beach Guards at Playa Yankee- Keeping the peace at the break.

Amigo's de Policia- Working with investors and developer's to
bring a greater police presences to San Juan del Sur. (details to

Nicaragua's beach clean-up day!- Yea, we were there.

Past events;

New Preschool at El Carizal-  Helping a few children toward a
better future.

New Road- Las Parcelas and Las Brisas get a new road!

New Baseball uniforms- Some local kids win big-time.

New Church- The name is longer than the building!

Dental Care Day- Escamequita/Las Parcelas

Beach clean up project- Playa El Yankee

Youth Soccer uniforms- San Juan del Sur

Eco-stove project- Cleaner and healthier cooking!
We at Nica Dev are serious about giving back to
the local community, not just using the words for
marketing purposes.
Develop with a conscience