The Las Fincas Reserve
Preserve * Protect * Rejuvenate * Educate
Nica Dev, through our various projects such as Las Fincas and
The Haciendas at Las Fincas, has dedicated over 450 acres of
pristine forest as a private reserve. We are currently applying
for recognition as one of Nicaragua's National Private

This area will have open access to all Las Fincas land owners
and guests as an ecological sanctuary. Public access will be
limited to terms and conditions of the reserve as we feel this
is the
best way maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the area and
insure the rehabilitation of migratory paths for animals.

Dedicated to reforestation, preservation and rejuvenation, the
Nica Dev Reserve will be a living tribute to the majesty of
Nicaragua and the critically endangered tropical dry forest
ecosystem of western Central America.

In addition to the estimated 125 acres of green area
intertwined within the parcels at Las Fincas, the reserve area is
planned to be utilized as a tool to educate tourists and locals
on the preservation of the forests, protection of animals and