New road for Las Parcelas

The locals had a problem. The river running
through our reserve flooded the poorly designed
road each wet season and washed out their only
road access. The solution had been to open our
reserve area to allow them to cross.
In addition to the inconvenience and often impassible
problems created for the locals, the traffic would wreak
havoc on our river and ultimately the wildlife.

The river was threatened as was our reserve.
The river bed was
constantly being
damaged by the
traffic and the trash!
We were able to buy additional land in the area,
move a campesino and his house to a new parcel of
land (and a nice little cash bonus for his efforts) and
create the new road with the help of the mayor.
The new road is open year
round and our reserve is now
truly protected but more
importantly, our neighbors
have a dry road!