Eco-stove project
Began in December 2005 and continues!

Eco-stoves aid in protecting the environment by burning 75%
less wood than the typically used open flame versions. That's
less trees cut or fire wood having to be purchased. It burns
faster with the shallower draft, requiring less cooking and
stoking time, less starting more keeping the stove
burning all night.

Perhaps the largest benefit for the women cooking and their
children is the exhaust system preventing them from having to
breath smoke 24 hours a day. The local clinic claims they
have seen a difference in the number of asthma related
cases already!

Nica Dev Fund, along with Fidel have proudly installed
over 200 stoves since December 2005!
Simple construction and easy to install.
Our friend Fidel Pavon who pours
and installs each stove
One of Fidel's 3 son's Jader who
supports us with only his smile.
The two holes hold their cookware, the fire
is stoked from the side of the unit. The
depth is about 8-9 inches.
A finished product ready to cook.
A very special thanks to our friend
David Gullette
for bringing this and
other green technologies to Nicaragua.
That's David in the corner as we
explain the technology to the locals.
You can have one of these installed
for a donation of just $50.00.

Any donation will be greatly