The communities of Escamequita and Las Parcelas, south of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
It's always nice to see people that share our vision and dedicate themselves
to helping others.

For 3 days of their 6 day vacation,
Andrea Holeman, Jackie Doherty,
and Sandi Reiten
 (Andrea's really hip Mom) spent their time, money and
energy cleaning kids teeth, giving them detailed instructions in Spanish and
giving each patient a toothbrush, toothpaste and a toy.

Over 100 smiles, a couple of burns and a dog bite in 3 days!
Maria Pease, M.D.,San Francisco
resident and proud owner in Las Fincas
took time out of a surf trip to help with
a few patients. What a heart!
Stay in touch as we will be expanding this practice over the next
few years.
We even have a Las Fincas owner setting up a new full time clinic