Lot 35
Beautiful view, close to nature, easy to build!

This really has it all. Bordered on the west by reserve area, this lot
wraps around a corner and offers some fantastic views of the
ocean. Lots of old trees that can  be worked in your landscaping
and very flat.
Primary view corridor to ocean. It's a hazy day in
this photo but that is Costa Rica in the distance.
This view is to the SSE
A rather sad panoramic of the lot. I
added this one so you could see the
primary building area. It's broad and
very flat. To the right of this photo it
drops off into the reserve area.
View to South
Example of building area. Very flat.
The trees to the back are on the edge
of the reserve area.
The map to the right is a
copy of what has been
approved and registered on
the lot.

Each corner and various
other points are referenced
with GPS markings for your

The light blue lines in the
map are elevations at every
two meters (about 6'). The
black lines are at every 10
meters for your reference.
View to West
Another view this to the North. Again,
wide open space for a couple of
buildings or just to give you a big yard!
This is just to show you the corner that
the road splits and runs on two side of
the triangle that the lot is similar to.