Lot 33
One of the few remaining that have views to the ocean and the
reserve. At just under 4 acres (3.98), this has unlimited possibilities!
Primary view out to the Pacific. This is
from the high up hill, the logical
building spot. This out the front door
and this (below) out the side!
This is to the East (sunrise views) and
out over our private reserve. The
lighting is poor but the view is worth a
This is an attempt to show you the general position of the lot. The unique hour glass
type shape would allow you to build up here and put a view deck or retreat/office out
on the front point (to the right- toward the ocean view). The property goes to the
trees in the middle of the access road in this photo.
The map to the right is a copy of what
has been approved and registered on
the lot.

Each corner and various other points
are referenced with GPS markings for
your security.

The light blue lines in the map are
elevations at every two meters (about
6'). The black lines are at every 10
meters for your reference.
We added the retaining wall (above
and right) to show the amount of
building space that existed. The stairs
lead up to what should be the main
area. Easy parking for one car.
From the access road looking up at
the lot (upper portion)