Simple facts
Closing fees
Paid by seller. There are no fees associated with a purchase at The
Haciendas at Las Fincas.

Registration fees
Paid by seller. Your property is delivered clear and free of all liens,
registered in your name.

Legal Fees
Paid by seller assuming you utilize our attorney (approved by First
American Title). Should you choose to use your own, we do not cover
this expense.

Land Owners Association Fees
There is an annual fee of $500 for each Hacienda owner to help
maintain the road system and riding trails.

The Haciendas at Las Fincas is a solar powered community.  A basic
system is included in your purchase price. This system can be expanded
to satisfy your needs or should you choose not to build immediately
can be credited back at the point of sale.

Included in your purchase price from a private, wind generated well we
install for you at time of purchase or at your request, we can credit the
cost back to you.

Sub dividing your lot is not permissible.

Building requirements
None. We only ask that when you do decide to build, you complete
your building in one year.

Building restrictions
We have a size limit based on the size of the lot with a maximum
allowable roof space. The smallest of these is 8000 square feet but keep
in mind this includes all roof area including guest quarters, stables and
garages, etc.

In keeping with an eco-friendly concept of a low impact development,
we do not allow two-story buildings.
Haciendas Parcel map

Surrounded by our private 450 acre reserve where we are
protecting 3 different species of monkeys, sloth, wild boar,
toucans, parrots and more.

The Haciendas allow you your own island of tranquility just
minutes outside of San Juan del Sur.

The Haciendas feature home sites with plenty of nature
around you for a few horses or just space to stretch out and
relax. We will provide you all access roads, fencing and the
natural beauty. In keeping with Nica Dev’s strong
commitment to the environment, we will also include for
you a basic solar package and a private well system.
Those of you familiar with our site will understand my
propensity for bad panoramic photos but I think they get the
point across. This is from the first phase (near lot 44) looking
back over The Haciendas to the east.

The road crosses in and around The Haciendas providing easy
access from our entry.