After years of discussion, budgeting, surveying,
environmental impact studies and
capitulating....the new road has arrived.

This will make the trip to and from Las Fincas
about a 10 minute jaunt as opposed to a 20
minute kidney massage.
The Costenera finally is a reality!
Just down the road from Las Fincas,
the road was widened and ready fo the
block work.
It's great to see they are using the
proper base (sand) before setting
the block.
A throw back to an earlier regime, these "aloquin" were commonly known as "Samosa stone".
It was widely know that the former President owned the only block company making these in

These interlocking blocks are great in that they can be repaired as a segment without the need
for hot asphalt and the equipment necessary for that type of work.
It looks as though not all the locals got the memo.